Master of Applied Kinesiology

The Master of Applied Kinesiology (MAK) program offers students the opportunity to build the foundation or advance their knowledge in preparation for successful professional careers. The MAK degree features three streams, a Coaching Stream non-thesis and course based, an Exercise Stream also non-thesis and course based, and an Applied Research Stream requiring a thesis

Anticipated Start Date:  September 2023.



The Coaching Stream aims to provide students with knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in a range of professional coach and leadership environments in sports. The Coaching Association of Canada offers certification for coaches of entry level, age-group athletes, through to high performance Olympic athletes. The coaching professional stream of the MAK provides the opportunity to acquire advanced National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) credentials, including the Chartered Professional Coach designation, along with their MAK degree. Coaches will be immersed in a learning environment with other coaches and coaching experts, and will be engaged in the practices of coaching with opportunities for reflection and further analysis informed by research, all culminating in a comprehensive capping project that integrates their learning. This stream features blended delivery with face-to-face and distance education sessions. Coaches can complete full-time requirements in two years or pursue part-time studies over several years


The Exercise Stream provides students with knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in professional exercise practice environments across a scope of applications from general health to performance in sport, occupation, and clinical environments across the lifespan. This program builds on the strengths of the Acadia Kinesiology practical community engaged, learning opportunities and includes areas of practice in high performance sport, musculo-skeletal injury prevention and maintenance, chronic disease and aging programs, and children & youth.    This program meets theoretical and practical competencies required for attaining advanced professional certifications with organizations such as the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP), or for registration with a College of Kinesiology.  This course based Masters builds on the practical experiences in exercise science and training now provided through the Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKIN) degree.

Applied Research

The Applied Research Stream aims to equip students with the skills and abilities to have an impact not only within a research environment, but outside of the research enterprise as well.  The Applied Research Stream will require students to not only develop a deeper understanding of their research topic, but also of the areas in which this knowledge can be applied within the field.  This stream builds on the existing strengths of, and opportunities available within, the School of Kinesiology.  Specifically, there will be a focus on collaboration, a hallmark of the small institution setting, but also a key component of successful impact projects.  Further, students will work within a learning environment that includes state of the art research laboratories in which to conduct their research (e.g., mLab), while also having access to nationally recognized community-based programming in the fields of athletic therapy (AT), chronic disease management (ACM, Diabetes management), clinical care (EIMC), physical activity across the lifespan (Kinderskills, AAA) and adapted physical education (S.M.I.L.E.) in which to apply it.  As such, the Applied Research Stream provides students the opportunity to not only conduct intensive research, but to do so within the context of applying it to help improve the health and performance of those around them.


Coaching Stream - This stream features blended delivery with face-to-face and distance education sessions. Coaches can complete full time requirements in two years.

Exercise Professional Stream - This course-based stream is offered as a 2-year, full-time option and will be taught in a blended pattern utilizing combinations of in-person sessions and on-line, interactive video presentations.

Applied Research Stream – This stream requires 2 years and full-time attendance.