Krista Nicholls '06

I am the Head of Physical Education at Georgetown District High School in Georgetown, Ontario. I also coach a Special Olympics Swim Team, a passion that started when I participated in the S.M.I.L.E program!


Jodi Langley '16

I recently completed a Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia: Okanagan with Drs. Mary Jung and Jonathan Little. I am now back on the east coast working for StFX teaching exercise physiology and running the labs for the Human Kinetics department. I also found a passion for coaching in Kelowna and am now the assistant coach for the StFX Track and Field team.


Maddy Raymond '11

I am working for the Nova Scotia Health Authority as a Physiotherapist in Halifax.  I work acute care, mainly specializing with the cancer population and am part of an amazing multi-disciplinary team.  I enjoy making exercises programs for my patients, and really value the close relationships I’m able to build with them while in hospital. 

The last 3 years I’ve been coaching U14 girls basketball with a friend from Acadia days.  It’s been a lot of fun to continue to be involved in the sport and hopefully recruit some new future students!


Thomas Filgiano '13

I completed my dental degree at Western University in London, Ontario and I am know practicing dentistry in Markham, Ontario. 


Allison Godley '12

I’m currently working in Vernon BC as a physiotherapist. I am continuing my education through the Orthopedic division manual therapy levels and the Connect Therapy Series with Linda Joy Lee. I love the Okanagan life but Acadia and Wolfville will always have my heart!


Heather Nearing '08

I went to Queen’s University after I graduated from Acadia for my Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Since I graduated in 2010, I have worked in Ottawa as a physiotherapist. I work in outpatient orthopedics, and have recently discovered an interest in post concussion treatment as well as PhysioYoga.


Kelsey Brumm '17

I still live in Wolfville, working as a Certified Exercise Physiologist.  I run the Cardiac Rehabilitation maintenance programs, and offer exercise support to older adults and individuals living with chronic disease. As well as working alongside, Dr. Jonathon Fowles to promote the integration of kinesiology in Community Health Teams, for future grads to have more opportunities in exercise prescription and management!


Janna Slevinsky '15

After graduating from Acadia, I worked in Calgary for 2 years as CSEP-CEP. My job was at Spinal Cord Injury Alberta which motivated me to pursue occupational therapy. I am currently at Queen’s University in the MScOT program and went on my first tour with the National Senior Women's Rugby Team last year.