Marianne Clark


Assistant Professor
Office:  AAC 384

  • Research Methods in Kinesiology
  • Historical aspects of physical activity and sport in Canada
  • Sociological Aspects of Physical Activity and Sport
Scholarly Expertise
  • Sociological Perspectives of Health and Physical Activity
  • Digital Sociology and Media Studies
  • Gender and the Body
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Clark, M. (December, 2021). Next stop the pelvic floor: The emergence of mobile apps and insertables for promoting pelvic floor health. Paper presented at the Digital Intimacies Conference, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Clark, M. (June, 2021). Digital photo diaries as method for embodied meaning-making. Hands-on workshop delivered as part of the Creative, Digital and Embodied Methods for Social Inquiry Workshop, University of Newcastle.  
  • Clark, M. (June, 2021). Swimming, sensing and situatedness: Moving to make meaning during COVID-19. Paper presented at the Australian Science and Technology Studies Graduate Network Interdisciplinary Workshop.
  • Clark, M. (November 2020). How movement comes to matter: Exploring the sensory atmospheres and embodied affects of digitally mediated physical activity during COVID-19. Paper presented at The Australian Sociological Association conference thematic session ‘Pandemic Atmospherics, Material Cultures and Sensory Practices: Everyday Life under COVID’, Sydney, Australia.  
  • Clark, M. & Lupton, D.L. (December 2020). Crisis and the body: the digital health entanglements of COVID-19. Paper presented at Digital Intimacies 2020 ‘Connection in Crisis’, Sydney, Australia.
Curriculum Vitae