Research Opportunities

Familiarity with the latest technology is an essential skill all Kinesiology students should possess. Excluding regularly scheduled lab times, students are permitted to reserve private lab time for research purposes, practice sessions, testing, and physiological assessments.


Anatomy & Assessment

The Anatomy & Assessment lab is equipped for us to perform tests such as functional movement screen, postural analysis, occupational functional capacity evaluations, authropometrics and body composition, muscular strength endurance and power, and provides the space to do physical activity counseling and exercise prescriptions and demonstration.
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Exercise Physiology

A CSEP Certified Fitness Centre that is fully equipped to perform advanced physiological and biochemical analyses.  We have two Parvo Metabolic Cart and new ECG, treadmill and load-bike, etc. for teaching and research. Biochemical and molecular biology sample analysis can also be performed in the lab.
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Motor Behaviour

The Motor Behaviour lab is a space that enables research into the development of movement skills and the factors that influence how well movement skills are learned and performed.
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Health & Psychology

The Health and Psychology labs include three interview rooms, digital database and audiovisual interview recording.

Atlhetic Therapy

Athletic Therapy
The focus of the Athletic Therapy option is to help students develop understanding and skill in theoretical principles and applied practices related to the prevention and care of injury in sport and physical activity. The option provides courses and practical experiences as the students work with varsity athletes prior to, during and post-injury. Academic and practical requirements include knowledge and/or skill in: injury prevention, immediate injury assessment, initial emergency care, contemporary sport-specific conditioning techniques, physical re-conditioning after injury for specific activity/sports, supportive strapping procedures and protective equipment.


The John MacIntyre mLAB (motion Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics)

Facts about the research taking place in the mLAB:

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For more information please feel free to drop by the mLAB (Room 2010 in the Athletic Complex, down the hall from the Physio Clinic) or please contact one of the following:

* The John MacIntyre mLAB (motion Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics) website will be live in the near future!


Centre of Lifestyle Studies (COLS)
The centre coordinates and supports interdisciplinary research and community engagement activities which increase our understanding of lifestyle choices contributing to health and wellness. Primary purposes of the Centre are to understand the personal, social, economic and environmental benefits associated with pursuing healthy lifestyles.

- To assess, foster, monitor lifestyle and lifestyle change.
- To assess the impact of significant life events on lifestyle.
- To develop, coordinate and deliver functional program models that enhance individual and community health and wellness.
- To facilitate networking opportunities amongst students, scholars, and professionals and partners in developing well-rounded perspectives on lifestyle and health and wellness.
- To provide training and professional development opportunities through COLS for a comprehensive understandings of lifestyle behaviour and its role and value in health and wellness.

For more information, please visit the COLS website.

Challenge Course

Acadia’s Challenge course begins with excellent program design and relevant curriculum. Then the proper sequencing of activities creating good challenge course experiences. The entire program is structured to create a supportive group environment that gradually increases participants' self-confidence and prepares them for each new personal or group challenge on the course.

For more information contact the school.

Lab Access

Lab Reservations:  Students can email Ned Kelleher to make lab reservations. Please specify which lab, date and time with your full name and student ID number. 

Lab Access:  Students in specific courses have swipe access to some labs.  If a student does not have swipe access but would has the lab reserved, they can borrow a swipe card from the SOK office.

Lab Equipment:  Students may sign-out lab equipment in person for research purposes, practice sessions, testing, and physiological assessments. Students are required to show their student ID to sign-out equipment. The loan period is 24 hours.

Students are responsible to return the equipment in the same condition as received, failure to do so may result in loss of privilege.

Lab Manual
User Guides

The lab technician is available to assist students in the lab.  The following user guides are available for students.
1.  Acadia Lab Procedures
2.  Biodex
3.  COM Ports (changing and checking)
4.  Metabolic Cart
5.  Optojump
6.  Primal Pictures for MacOSX or Windows
7.  Wingate Procedures