About the School

The School of Kinesiology is responsible for academic study in Kinesiology. The goal of Acadia's School of Kinesiology is to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Undergraduate degrees offered by the School include the Bachelor of Kinesiology, Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours, Bachelor of Kinesiology with Biology, Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours with Biology, and a Bachelor of Kinesiology with Nutrition and a Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours with Nutrition. Students benefit from small classes, receiving individual attention from highly regarded professors whose primary role is to create a holistic learning environment. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who offers academic guidance and support.

The School's curriculum focuses on a well-planned balance of theory and professional practical application that produces graduates who can communicate effectively and think critically and creatively. The School of Kinesiology has an excellent reputation as a place to start a dynamic professional career in the: fitness industry, exercise and sport sciences (including sport rehabilitation), physical education, health promotion and wellness fields, recreation leadership and administration, leisure, and outdoor recreation and sustainable tourism.

Outside the classroom our faculty continue to be engaged with our students as teachers and mentors by working with and involving our students in numerous community engagement programs and research projects.

Some of our recent projects have involved such groups as varsity and elite athletes, local school children, youth-at-risk, older adults, individuals with varying disabilities, preschool children, and people with various medical challenges (rehabilitation programs for individuals with diabetes, obesity, asthma and cardiovascular disease). Access to local groups, citizens, and professionals produces growth experiences that make a difference for our students. Our graduates are prepared for various careers dedicated to helping others achieve active healthy lifestyles.