Athletic Therapy Option



Admission Process

Process Details:
1. Bachelor of Kinesiology students who have completed or registered in KINE 2413:  Human Physiology 1 can apply.
2. Information Presentation (Session PDF)
3. Complete the application by the deadline.
4. Students will be invited for an interview.
5. Students are notified of application status.

January 31 – Application Deadline. Must be sent to by 4:30pm AST.
February 6 – 16 – Interviews. Links will be sent to students to schedule their interview.
March 1 – Students notified of application status.

Please follow the directions carefully as incomplete applications will not be considered. Completed applications and CV/resumes are to be sent as attachments in an email sent to (DO NOT SEND AS SHARED FILES). Applications received after the deadline will NOT be considered.


We have revised the Bachelor of Kinesiology AT Option curriculum in February 2023.  Please ensure you refer to the correct Curriculum planner and Degree Checklist.

Curriculum Planner & Degree Checklist

3rd year AT Students (entering the AT Option in 2023)

4th year AT Students (entered the AT Option in 2022)


Course Details:
KINE 3400 - Students must complete a recognized First Responder course prior to the third year of study.  SOK will host a course on April 19-24, 2024 (9am - 5pm) in Gym 491.  The cost for 2024 is to be determined but approximately $820.00.  More details will be sent directly to AT students.


Student Handbook

AT Handbook:
The Athletic Therapy student handbook is designed to assist AT students with their degree option and is available on Acorn. The Academic Calendar takes precedence over all other publications. Interpretation of regulations or requirements is made by a Dean or the Registrar and is open to written appeal to the Admissions and Academic Standing Appeals Committee.

Dress Code:
The Athletic Therapy dress code includes an AT Polo and Khaki pants / shorts.  There will be an opportunity to purchase the polo and other AT gear in April each year.

Code of Conduct:
All students are expected to act in a professional manner and confirm to the code of conduct.
2022-2023 Code of Conduct


AT students (accepted in 2021) are required to complete the following Practicum courses.
KINE 3500 - Athletic Therapy Practicum 1
KINE 3600 - Athletic Therapy Practicum 2
KINE 4500 - Athletic Therapy Practicum 3
KINE 4600 - Athletic Therapy Practicum 4

AT students (accepted in 2023) are required to complete the following Practicum courses.
KINE 160A- Athletic Therapy Practicum 1
KINE 161A- Athletic Therapy Practicum 2
KINE 260A- Athletic Therapy Practicum 3
KINE 261A- Athletic Therapy Practicum 4


Dr. Colin King
Athletic Therapy Program Director
Email: Colin

Dr. Lauren Lattimer
Athletic Therapy Practicum Coordinator
Email: Lauren

Sarah Mackinnon
Email: Sarah