Do you want to make a difference in society?

 Kinesiology is the study of human movement and its role in our lives.

We welcome students who have a keen interest in helping to improve conditions in the world, helping individuals to achieve active healthy lifestyle, improving community and social wellness and improving the lives of people with disadvantages. We value diversity, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Our Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) program features a carefully planned and unique balance of theory and application.



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 Bachelor of Kinesiology

The Kinesiology program develops graduates who enter the world of Sport and Physical Activity which provides many opportunities. Although teaching continues to be an attractive option to some Kinesiology graduates, there are a wide variety of other opportunities in such areas as Fitness Leadership, Program Development and Instruction for all age and ability groups, Sport or Fitness Management, Coaching, Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Science.   Read more

Latest News

For all of her effort with S.M.I.L.E. and other projects, Dr. Roxanne Seaman is receiving a volunteer award from the Town of Wolfville. Congratulations Roxanne!

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Pitter… Wolfville Middle School's Lego robotics team head coach Robert Pitter received the Outstanding Coach Award in recognition of his involvement with Acadia's FIRST Lego League (FLL) competitions since they began in 2006. Almost every year Dr. Pitter has coached a team and his team has not only qualified for the Provincial championships but has also won an award. The 2013-14 team won the Robot Programming Award at the provincial FLL competition held at Acadia University on February 15th. The team, Robo Lobo Wired, included students Anna Joy Aylward Burgess, Nicolaas Groeneveld, Austin Oickle, Dylan Pitter, and Alex Stewart.Congratulations Robert and students!

Dr. Shawnda Morrison publications accepted/published recently. First, a review article for Frontiers in Physiology journal’s upcoming special issue on cerebral oxygenation in health and disease states. Dr. Morrison's article focuses on how hyperthermia and exercise may affect cerebral oxygenation. The second publication is a case study on an elite alpinist who suffered frostbite on his hands and foot during summit attempts on Makalu and Mount Everest. Dr. Morrison and her co-authors characterized his injuries 40 years after the initial trauma, and these results are now available in the most recent edition of High Altitude Medicine and Biology online.

Dr. Jonathon Fowles and Dr. Chris Shields have recently received acceptance of two papers in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes on their Physical Activity Toolkit work. Some former Kinesiology honours students also feature in this work. 1. Fowles, J.R., Shields C.A, B. Barron, S. McQuaid, P. Dunbar. Implementation of resources to support patient physical activity through Diabetes Centres in Atlantic Canada: the effectiveness of the ‘Toolkit' based physical activity counseling. Can. J. Diabetes. 2014. 38. in press. 2. Fowles J.R., Shields C.A, B. Barron, S. McQuaid, K.L. d’Entremont, P. Dunbar. Implementation of resources to support patient physical activity through Diabetes Centres in Atlantic Canada: the effectiveness of enhanced support for exercise participation. Can. J. Diabetes. 2014. 38. in press. Drs. Fowles and Shields have been asked by the Lawson Foundation to deliver a presentation on the Toolkit project to the Executive Board of the Lawson Foundation in Toronto on Feb 28, 2014. There has also been interest in the PA Toolkit and potential adaptations, by the Cancer Nova Scotia, the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, and the Ontario Brain Institute. Additionally, Dr. Fowles will also be launching two national workshops for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – the first is an Advanced Module in Diabetes and Exercise for Exercise Professionals, to be delivered in Winnipeg Manitoba in April. The 2nd workshop is the Exercise is Medicine – Canada, Health Care Provider workshop, to be launched in Dryden, Ontario in April 2014.

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Holt on the publication of his new poetry book, _Inversed_.

Dr. Fowles and our former colleague Dr. Dogra, along with two researchers from Stats Canada (Janine Clarke and Joel Roy), have a paper accepted in the StatsCan publication Health Matters. The paper is entitled “Are the Fittest Canadian Adults also the Healthiest?” Data from the Canadian Health Measures Survey (Cycle 1 and 2) were used to better understand the association between results from a standard fitness appraisal with important health outcomes in Canadians aged 15-69 years old. These data were used to inform the new Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Physical Activity, Health and Training Resource Manual for qualified exercise professionals.

It was a come from behind (down 3-1) win for the Faculty and Staff team over the SRMK student team. Yes, that's right… 5-3 for the "old" guys… Not sure how many of us will be able to walk and teach tomorrow but we did it! If you wish to make a donation to the Scholarship Funds in SRMK (that is why we organize this event annually), you can see Kim Vaughan in the SRMK with your donation and full mailing address and she has agreed to coordinate to get you your tax receipt.

This year’s group of senior kinesiology is raising awareness and funds for a disease that is rarely discussed: testicular cancer. The 66 students in the senior seminar course taught by Professor Ann Dodge are tasked with doing community projects. Dodge told the students about a recent kinesiology graduate who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Two groups of students took on the cause, sharing men’s health information across the campus community, including at a varsity hockey game where more than a $1,000 was raised.

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Holt who has just published a book with Broadview Press, Philosophy of Sport: Core Readings. Again, congratulations to Dr. Jason Holt on the publishing of his new book, The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy: More Moments of Zen, More Indecision Theory by Wiley-Blackwell.

Congratulations to Dr. Kruisselbrink on this upcoming publication (now in press). It is the proceedings from the 2013 Alcohol Hangover Research Group meeting in Keele.

Third year Kinesiology student and Acadia Axemen hockey defenceman Travis Gibbons, who was selected last month as Top Eight Academic All-Canadians for the 2012-2013 season, was honoured today at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, by his Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnson. Congratulations Travis!

Big night for Acadia and Acadia Kine last night. Just thought you would like to know that the following Acadia Kine students won awards at the AUS women's soccer championship banquet last night. AUS Rookie of the Year: Emily Nickerson (1st yr) - 2nd team all-stars: Jenna Blackburn (3rd yr), Katie Ross (1st yr), Meghan Earle (1st yr) - 1st team all-star: Emily Nickerson - AUS Community Service Award: Alana Fairfax (4th yr B.Sc. but doing honours in Kinesiology). Congratulations everyone (and coach Dr Scott Landry)!

Dr. Pitter's recent paper, Privileging physical activity over healthy eating: 'Time' to Choose?, was featured today (10/28/2013) in Arya Sharma's blog.

Dr. Jonathon Fowles has been busy attending conferences and presenting some key findings recently and the Exercise is Medicine symposium with Dr. Stephen Blair at the Canadian Vascular Congress was attended by over 700 people. Following this presentation, Dr. Fowles was invited to give talks at Harvard medical, the Joslyn diabetes centre in Boston, and for a symposium for a large multi-centre trial with over 26 countries involved in Rome Italy in January. If that wasn't enough good news for Dr. Fowles, he was instrumental in the development and launch of the new CSEP-PATH manual. The official launch of the CSEP-PATH was very successful, and the symposium that Dr. Shilpa Dogra and Dr. Fowles organized at the annual conference for CSEP was also very well attended. Moreover, there was a 'lunch launch' where the president of CSEP, Dr. Earl Noble, officially recognized Jonathon's dedication and exceptional contribution to the Society as the scientific lead for the PATH manual. We all know that Jonathon has done much for CSEP in the past decade and this is another great Acadia success story on the national stage.

Congratulations to Drs. Chris Shields and Jonathon Fowles on some significant recognition of their scholarly works! First, two of their papers were accepted to be presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Diabetes Association in Montreal next month and BOTH were selected as a highlighted poster. Fowles, J.R., D'Entremont, K.L., Shields, C.A., McQuaid, S.L., & Dunbar, P. Effect of providing supplemental Physical Activity & Exercise resources in Diabetes Centres on Physical Activity levels of Patients. Gray, E., Shields, C.A., Fowles, J. R., Gall-Casey, C., & Oh, P. Building Competency in Physical Activity and Exercise in Diabetes Education: Insight from a National Initiative. And if that wasn't enough good news for one day, their paper titled: "Increasing Diabetes Educators' confidence in physical-activity and exercise counseling: The effectiveness of the 'Physical-activity and Exercise Toolkit' training intervention" was accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes. Congratulations Chris and Jonathon (and their honours students involved in this work too)!

Maclean's ranks Acadia one of Canada's top undergraduate universities. 


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The Kinesiology Society is a student oriented and run club for all students. It is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the school and to have input into your social and educational development while you are at Acadia University.

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Hannah Miller was a 7 year old minor hockey player in the Acadia Minor Hockey Association (AMHA) Quick Start program.  She loved to play hockey and her enthusiasm was evident to everyone.

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Every spring, students in professor Hennigar’s Outdoor Leadership and Expedition Management course attend an intensive 10 day field camp in the Black River Lake area near Gaspereau, Nova Scotia.

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