Undergraduate Program


Kinesiologists are university graduates who have acquired knowledge about the scientific bases of human movement and physical activity. The Bachelor of Kinesiology degree program at Acadia requires students to complete CORE courses in each of several sub-disciplines, and to complete complementary courses from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science. Additionally the degree program provides an opportunity for students to elect courses which represent an in-depth study in a single sub-discipline, or study in Kinesiology in its broadest sense. Acadia provides many opportunities for students to gain practical experience in Research, Leadership and Instruction, Management, Sports Rehabilitation, to name a few, and encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities.

The opportunities for employment in Kinesiology are varied. Students are encouraged to be creative in marketing their degrees, as the world of Sport and Physical Activity provides many opportunities. Although teaching continues to be an attractive option to some Kinesiology graduates, there are a wide variety of other opportunities in such areas asFitness Leadership, Program Development and Instruction for all age and ability groups, Sport or Fitness Management, Coaching, Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Science. A number of graduates of the Acadia program have entered Medical schools, Physiotherapy schools, Veterinary College, while others have pursued Masters and Doctoral degrees in one of the sub-disciplines of Kinesiology. Both the public and private sectors are frequent sources of employment and more recently, non-profit organizations have presented a wide range of career opportunities. In addition, several graduates have started their own businesses. New opportunities arise every year in this growing field.

 Teacher Education

Students who wish to pursue a career in teaching Physical Education in Nova Scotia public schools are required to complete a four-year undergraduate degree program in Physical Education/Kinesiology, followed by a two-year Bachelor of Education degree before being certified. Students considering a teaching career should consult with their faculty advisor to ensure appropriate course selection is made. Students should also consult the "Preparing for the Professions" section of the calendar for information regarding the Pre-Education program of study or contact Lynne Healy lhealy@acadiau.ca .



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