Transfer Students

 From other institutions:

The Kinesiology Program welcomes transfer students and conducts an individualized screening process to award credit for similar courses or electives previously taken at other institutions. Students who are attending, or who have attended other post secondary institutions, must have official transcripts sent directly for evaluation, or provided in an envelope sealed by the institution to the Acadia University Registrar's office.


 From other programs at Acadia:

Students should submit their application (cover letter and resume) to the Director for review in early January or late August.


 Length of Degree

When a transfer student is credited hours towards the Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, the duration of the standard four years is decreased. It may be possible to get year-for-year credit, but it depends on exactly what a person took previously. Normally, transfer students must complete at least 2 and half or 3 years at Acadia to complete our accredited degree.


Since students who have transferred from other post secondary institutions often complete their courses in a different sequence than non-transfer students, it is important to contact the Administrative Secretary of Kinesiology before you register. She would be pleased to assist you. Please contact the administrative secretary of Kinesiology to discuss your specific situation.