Student Planning Committee

The student planning committee consists of nine members; two students from Business, Education, Community Development, Kinesiology and the member of the Acadia Students Union representing the Faculty of Professional Studies.

 SPC Mandate:

  • To make recommendations based on the mission statement and supporting objectives of the Faculty of Professional Studies and Acadia University;
  • To foster collaboration and cooperation among the Student Societies within the Faculty of Professional Studies to identify common issues and resolutions across the Schools;
  • To identify opportunities, plan events that will contribute to the welfare of students' professional and educational experiences;
  • To establish specific plans and priorities for the allocation of funds in support of student professional development;
  • To develop the parameters for and conduct and adjudicate an annual nomination process for the Outstanding Teaching Award within the Faculty of Professional Studies;
  • To elect two members to represent this Committee on the Faculty Planning Committee;
  • To act as a conduit for information on various initiatives between the Faculty and the student body of the professional Schools within the Faculty of Professional Studies.

 Application for Professional Development Funds

Each year the Student Planning Committee allocates funding toward enhancing the professional development of students within the faculty. Individuals or groups can apply for financial assistance. Requests will be evaluated on a first come/first served basis. See the Faculty of Professional Studies website for specific criteria and procedures for fund application.

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