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Have you ever coached and want to learn more about sport? Have you dreamed about being a "phys ed." teacher? How about a sports therapist or doctor, a sport scientist or a fitness consultant? Do you wonder how elite athletes do the incredible things they do or how they train? Do you wonder why people start exercise programs and why many don't stick with it? Do you know why athletes choke? Have you been a leader in your school? Have you volunteered to help someone get active? Are you active in your community? Do you value the part that sport, physical activity or leisure plays in your life? And do you want to help others by changing society?

If you said "yes" to any of those questions, you should think about applying to the Bachelor of Kinesiology program at Acadia University. Our graduates go on to be active living leaders in many sectors of society.

We welcome students who have a keen interest in helping to improve conditions in the world in which we live - helping individuals to achieve active healthy lifestyles; improving community social and economic health; improving the lives of people with disadvantages and those in easier circumstances. We value healthy active living, diversity, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Are you interested in us? We are certainly interested in you. If you want to know more about these ideas and need help, then contact us, or come to visit us. You will find that Kinesiology focuses on the study of human movement in all its forms, ranging from sports- to life-long physical activities - to dance.
One of the really special features of our School is that our students have the chance to work closely with outstanding faculty members. This happens because we offer a balance of academic and professional-practical experiences, which prepare students well for exciting careers. If you want to help change the world you need both the theoretical background to understand the world and the knowledge and skills to work in the world. We ensure that happens.  Our graduates can communicate effectively and think critically and creatively. As a result we have an excellent reputation as a place to start a dynamic professional career.  

Students in our Kinesiology program are mentored by faculty members who are engaged in key research and leadership roles in their diverse fields, ranging from working to increase activity for children and the elderly and to providing rehabilitation exercise programs for post cardiac patients, and people suffering from diabetes, obesity, or other diseases. Your teachers will be engaged in leading and studying the struggle for social justice - including equal opportunities in sport and physical activity for women, and minority groups, and they are working to advance sport performance and coaching education, to deliver the very best sport therapy and rehabilitation programs for the injured and they are working to promote health and wellness through active living for all Canadians.

Are you interested in us? We are certainly interested in you. Please contact us for more information.

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