William Edward 'Ned' Kelleher

Lab Technician and Instructor
Email: ned.kelleher@acadiau.ca
Phone (Office): (902) 585-1522
Phone (Lab): (902) 585-1781





 Scholarly Interests & Expertise

  • Vision and Optics
  • Communication Systems
  • Analog/Digital Signal Processing
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Data Acquisition and Compression (Sensors)
  • Circuit Design
  • Biomechanics (thanks to Dr Scott Landry)
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Alternative Fuel Science (Solar)
  • Programming
Ned Kelleher

 Community Service

  • Ned tries to buy locally grown agricultural products whenever he can.
  • Ned uses his bike instead of his car when at home in Halifax.
  • Ned loves animals and frequently walks dogs at the SPCA (Metro Branch).


 Did you know?

  • Ned practices/studies Krav Maga (with Alain Cohen and Eyal Yanilov).
  • He designed and built a Self Powered Battery Checker (battery under test is the power supply) for a friend Canadian Forces Captain John Thompson (retired) who is an avid RC boat/plane enthusiast.
  • Ned (with a musician friend) designed and built a performance rated wireless transmitter/receiver for guitar. This was a required research project for EETG completion.
  • Ned worked for Nova Scotia Power, one of the safest utilities in Canada.
  • Ned tested, modified, and prototyped projects for Engineered Support Systems, Inc and DRS Technologies in their high/low voltage and digital labs.
  • He system hardened (installed, troubleshot and serviced) Eastlink's fibre optic network upgrades for the Annapolis Valley in 2006.
  • Ned worked in a lab that calibrated, serviced and repaired military/medical/commercial electrical/electronic devices that ranged in age from 1960 aircraft components to modern day night vision goggles/military systems.
  • During his time at Pivotal Power Ned was on a design team that modified a HMMWV (Hummer) to a Chemically and Biologically Protected Shelter with a hydrogen fuel cell power plant and power plants for helicopters/mobile bases.
  • Ned was a tutor for 1st and 2nd year engineering students.
  • Ned enjoys cycling (competed in trail races), rock climbing, martial arts, windsurfing, kite surfing (brother in UAE is teaching him), soccer, hockey, hiking and snowboarding.
  • Personal interest in alternative energy drove Ned to design and build a sun tracking solar powered system. Presently, he is designing a multi port solar charger.

 Contact Information


School of Kinesiology
Acadia University
550 Main Street Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
B4P 2R6

Office: AAC 385-B War Memorial Gym
 Phone (Office): (902) 585-1522
 Phone (Lab): (902) 585-1781
tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/bulletsmall.gif Fax: (902) 585-1702
 Email: ned.kelleher@acadiau.ca