Kinesiology Program

Our programs, (B.Kin. and B.Kin.H) are accredited by CCUPEKA. Our graduates will have completed all of the requirements for this body as part of their core (required) courses and elective (optional) courses.  We believe that our graduates should be exposed to numerous areas of Kinesiology and also provided with the opportunity to tailor their degree to their future needs. Our flexible degrees provide all students with the breadth of knowledge and flexibility to pursue advanced studies in a related area of interest.


 Areas of Interest

Students are encouraged to complete as many courses in the area as possible; however completion of all courses in the area is not required for graduation nor is the completion of the area recorded on the student's degree. Those students who are able to complete all courses in the area will have a notation in their file which will document their accomplishment.

In the Bachelor of Kinesiology degree program, students may focus in one of the following areas:

Open link Teaching

Open link Exercise Science and Personal Training

Open link Coach Education

Open link Adapted Physical Activity

Open link Health Promotion and Wellness

Open link Exercise and Sport Studies

Open link Sport Injury Assessment and Management

These areas of interest are designed to develop a set of skills and a knowledge base, which will introduce students to careers in kinesiology.

 Important Information:

Accredited by CCUPEKA

Office of the Registrar

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The number of students able to complete all courses in an area may be limited due to enrollment caps in particular courses in the area. These courses have limited enrollments for a variety of reasons, including safety concerns.



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