Kinderskills is a program that provides preschool aged children with a variety of movement activities in order to promote their development. Encouraging many different types of movement can benefit children by contributing to the development and maintenance of a physically active lifestyle which in turn promotes self-confidence, and emotional, social, and cognitive skills. Each Kinderskills child receives one to one attention from a student instructor. Gross and fine movement activities will be individualised according to each child's current level of abilities.


A student instructor will assess your child's current level of abilities in a number of areas, and will then implement play-based activities to promote development in these areas.



Children aged 1-5



10:30 to 11:20 a.m. Mondays and Fridays



Acadia University, Main Gym



$50 per term OR $90 for the year

Fall 2018 dates: September 24th  - November 30th 

(except Oct. 8th, & Nov. 12th & 16th)

Winter 2019 dates: January 21st- April 5th

(except Feb. 15th, 18th,  & 22nd)



Unfortunately the capacity of Kinderskills is unable to meet the demand for it. Therefore, registration into the program is limited to those who have been selected through a lottery system. Lottery draws are held up to three times a year, depending on whether, and how many, space becomes available. The greatest number of spots become available in the spring (draw held in June), some spots may become available in the fall if families’ situations change over the summer (possible draw at the end of September), and a few spots may become available in the winter if families’ situations change in the new year (possible draw at the end of January).

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For more information about the program contact or call 902 - 585 - 1457. 


Registration is limited to ~55 children