Welcome to Acadia Kinesiology

Welcome to the Bachelor of Kinesiology Program. You will soon meet knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly faculty and staff in our School who take pride in their work. They will provide you with excellent academic advising, teaching and opportunities for personal growth during your years of study. For example, the faculty and staff of the School have created this manual to help you in your academic choices.

Much of the success our students enjoy depends on their abilities, enthusiasm and effort to achieve the program’s academic goals. As you choose your courses and focus your area of study, I would also encourage you to explore the many opportunities that will come your way. Your undergraduate experience is a journey where you can fulfill and surpass your goals and attain the highest level of personal growth, development, and academic achievement. You won’t regret getting as much as you can from your Acadia experience. I am confident that the Bachelor of Kinesiology program will prepare you for future challenges in the field and that your student life at Acadia will be outstanding.

The School of Kinesiology and the University offer assistance to students who might encounter academic or personal difficulties. Each student in the Kinesiology program has a faculty advisor and I encourage you to consult with your advisor should you have any questions or concerns during the course of your studies at Acadia. You can certainly also come see me, Peggy or Kim.

I trust you will truly enjoy your time in our program. I wish you every success. Again, welcome to the School of Kinesiology and best wishes.

René J.L. Murphy, Ph.D.

Director The School of Kinesiology