Heather Ross

tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/ico_bullet.gif  What year did you graduate and what program did you complete?

2009 Bachelor of Kinesiology.

tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/ico_bullet.gif  Who are you working for and where are they located?

"I am currently working at the Extended Warranty II Valley Cardiac Rehab located at the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville, Nova Scotia." 



tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/ico_bullet.gif  How did your degree from Acadia contribute to getting you where you are today?

"My Kinesiology degree from Acadia not only gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to excel in my field, but I was able to obtain essential skills through various hands-on learning opportunities. During my four years at Acadia I was involved in an independent study, I was appointed the position of the strength and conditioning coach for both the Acadia women's basketball and volleyball teams, and volunteered in numerous programs offered at Acadia including the Acadia Cardiac Rehab and Triple A."

tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/ico_bullet.gif  What was a favourite Acadia moment/highlight during your studies?

"Working as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Acadia Women's Volleyball and Basketball teams was one of my favourite highlights during my studies.  I was able to work with elite athletes and put the knowledge I gained in the classroom into practice."

tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/ico_bullet.gif  Some interesting facts about Heather:

  • Heather presented results of her study at the CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) conference last December 2009 in Vancouver. She was one of the finalists in the CSEP CEP (Certified Exercise Physiologist) research competition.