Scott Hennigar


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Ph:  902-585-1724
Office:  AAC 385E


- Outdoor Leader 1 & 2
- Coastal Hiking
- Winter Camping
- Snowshoeing
- Wilderness Navigation
- Winter Survival
- Adventure Education
- Risk Management in the Outdoors

Scholarly Expertise
  • Outdoor technology and it’s effects on risk management.
  • Outdoor leadership techniques and issues.
  • Wilderness skills for the 21st
  • Primitive living and survival skills.
  • Adventure education program development and delivery.
Community Service
  • Advisor on outdoor and adventure programming for local at-risk youth schools.
  • Staff training for several children’s camps.
  • Outdoor skills and risk management advisor to local community departments.
  • Safety sea kayaker and training assistant for the “Big Swim” fund raiser for Brigadoon Children’s Camp.
  • Mentor to students who show significant interest in outdoor and adventure.
Curriculum Vitae