Part-time Faculty


Anna Marie Larsen
Aubrey Landry

Resistance Training
Labs for Training Methods

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Christine Waller

Labs for Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Labs for Human Anatomy 2
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Curtis Arsenault

Assessment & Rehabilitation of the Axial Skeleton & Pelvis
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Deon Wilson

Physical Activity for Children
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Derek MacKinnon
Jessica Bergevin

Human Anatomy 1 Laboratory
Human Anatomy 2
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Kris MacDonald

Lab for Motor Learning
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Laura Churchill Duke

Communication for Kinesiology
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Rowan Duprey

Physical Activity for Older Adults
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Shawn Preston

Training Methods
Agility Quickness, Speed

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Simon Taylor

Applied Sport Psychology
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Tony Stirling

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Ueli Albert

Nordic Walking
Sledge Hockey
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Vanessa Chorkawy

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