What is special about our program? Our Faculty!

 The Kinesiology Faculty

The Kinesiology faculty members are all leaders in their fields both inside and outside the classroom. In the classroom, our faculty deliver a fundamental core of kinesiology courses which all students complete, and clusters of more advanced elective courses - which students often take in small course groupings called 'areas of interest'. In these courses, labs and practicums, theory is combined with real world experiences, and close interaction with faculty is emphasized to allow students to explore their own ideas and choices. Outside the classroom our faculty continue to be engaged with our students as teachers and mentors by working with and involving our students in numerous community engagement programs and research projects. Some of our recent projects have involved such groups as varsity and elite athletes, local school children, youth at risk, older adults, individuals with varying disabilities, preschool children, and people with medical challenges (rehabilitation programs for individuals with diabetes, obesity, asthma and cardiovascular disease).



Access to local groups, citizens, and professionals produces growth experience that make a difference for our students. Our graduates are prepared for various careers dedicated to helping others achieve active healthy lifestyles.


The areas of interest include the following:

 Fitness Programming and Leadership
 Coach Education
 Adapted Physical Activity
 Health Promotion and Wellness
 Exercise and Sport Studies
 Sport Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation