Cardiac Rehab Program

 Extended Warranty II Cardiac Rehab The Extended Warranty II Valley Cardiac Rehab Program is a 10 week educational program run out of theValley Regional Hospital for individuals with heart disease. tl_files/sites/rec/Photos/Valley Cardiac Rehab.jpg
 It includes an Exercise Program as well as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Educational Program. The Acadia Cardiac Rehab Program is an extension of the Extended Warranty II Valley Cardiac Rehab and used as a satellite venue for participants that are entering a maintenance program. It is a unique opportunity for the patients who graduate from the 10 week program at the Valley Regional Hospital to exercise in their community in a group under some supervision.
Exercise is an essential part of heart health. For people with heart disease, or individuals at high risk for heart disease such as those with diabetes, exercise is very beneficial to improve heart function and overall physical functioning. For individuals with chronic disease, participation in a supervised program will often make them feel more confident when beginning to exercise, and help them to maintain an exercise pattern over the long term. The Acadia Cardiac Rehab Program is instructed and run by a Kinesiologist (CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist).  

Acadia Kinesiology students have the opportunity to volunteer their time to help the cardiac rehabilitation patients with their exercise program. The students have a chance to interact and help guide the patients through their routine which consists of a combination of aerobic and resistance exercises. Two classes of 10-15 patients are run two times per week Monday and Wednesday mornings 7:00am-8:30am and 9:00am-10:30am in the Acadia weight room.

For more information about the Acadia Cardiac Rehab program, contact  Stacey DesRoches or Dr. Jonathon Fowles professor School of Kinesiology. Dr. Fowles is the Acadia contact (as a Co-director) for The Centre of Lifestyle Studies (COLS).