The Lisa Caldwell Award  

This award, named in honor of the individual who exemplifies all that is special about our department, will be presented annually by the Acadia Kinesiology Society to the student or students who best represent all that Lisa has been to this program - outgoing, helpful, knowledgeable, hardworking, spirited, one who puts others before herself, and a supporter of varsity sport. Lisa's connection with SMILE truly speaks volumes of her character - her own smile is infectious. This citizenship award will remain long after Lisa has left the school but will serve to remind us of the wonderful friend we had in our Department Secretary. (Lisa Caldwell served as the Kinesiology/Physical Education Department Secretary from February 1988 - January 2003).


The Dr. Gary Ness Professor Appreciation Award

"The Acadia Kinesiology Society Dr. Gary Ness Professor Appreciation Award is awarded annually to the professor(s) in the department of Kinesiology who the students feel is deserving of special recognition. This professor will have a significant involvement in the lives of students and support the AKS. This professor not only has an open-door policy, but will be willing to be of assistance to the students wherever and whenever possible. This professor provides the students with compassion, honesty, and wisdom and considers the students' well-being as paramount."


The Kinesiology Student of the Month

Through the Communications Coordinator, the Kinesiology students and faculty will be encouraged to put forward names of students who would be worthy of this recognition.  The criteria for this is very wide, but the most important thing is that the student(s) are worthy of being recognized for a significant contribution that they have made to the life of the Kinesiology program, Acadia, and all that is associated with it.


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